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Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Ouran High School Host Club ~ Anime ~ Episode 2

Episode 2: that was sooooo Romantic ^_^ Tamaki acted a bit like Nakuru from Clamp Campus
Detectives, in fact from the start this series has been giving me that sort of feeling that I got from Clamp Campus Detectives, all the Lady's guys and etc thingy, all like a pretty fairy tale, and again I'll say, there's such a deep feeling beyond that humorous cover.

Haruhi titled Ootori Kyouya as the King in Shadows when he told her about putting the Bali picture book on Tamaki's desk that led to the Tropical Paradise theme... LOL reminded me of Suoh from Clamp Campus Detectives ^_^
The sad looking Tamaki *even if it was just posing* when his customer got all over Haruhi was so cute ><' And when they compared the 'girl looking' Haruhi to he now Haruhi, and then the twins saying "The more we look at it the more we're in awe, how did 'this' became 'that'", lol Tamaki's expression ^^; And I love the female haruhi look ^^ so cute ^^

I loved the part when they decided who the Queen shall be and changed the kiss from king to Haruhi, lol that was such pure wicked evil and so very funny ^^ omg I’m so falling in love with this series ^_^

And then how Tamaki trying to save Haruhi's first kiss even though it was on the cheeck of another girl tripped and they actually kissed LOL !!!! that was way too funny ^^
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