Saturday, October 15, 2016

いつか、シンデレラが - Someday Cinderella will..~ Cover review

I first heard this song in a Kagamine Len version when I was looking through more Vocaloid videos on YouTube. The song was touching, as Len's soft songs usually are, but what really captivated me was the fact that, the art was so breathtaking, and beautifully expressing the feelings that the words were trying to convey. I think this is the first time I have been hit with a Kagamine song this hard after Aku no Meshitsukai.

That was two days ago. Today, when I was finally done with the day and tried to search through YouTube to find this song again so I can listen to it while I fall asleep, I found a cover by one of my favourite YouTube cover singers.

SirHamnet : Click here for channel~

The Japanese Cover: When I saw this, I was like, "Omg! I have to check this out I didn't know this person actually made a cover of this song!". So when I went to listen... I got the whole feels again ._. ... by the end of the video I was crying yet again. And now, it's been an hour already and I have the song on repeat and I'm constantly listening to it as I write this post.
I think, out of all this person's wonderful covers, this one touched me the most.

And if that wasn't enough... they made an English cover as well @_@...

The English Cover: The English version is also just as beautiful. The lyrics match the video and are very close and precise to the original Japanese version. Can you believe this person made both these versions? so amazing.

I'll be downloading both the songs and they'll be a new and constant addition to my Music player.

Please support the singer by subscribing and liking the videos,


kono douga mitara, nanka kare no koto mata omoidashiteshimatta, ima wa mou ano hito ga soba ni inai kedo, mae wa zutto kono douga no Len no mama atashi wo nagusamete kureta hito datta. Donna kanashii koto ga attemo, kare dake ga itsumo kiite kureta. damatta mama, atashi no namida ga tomaru made kitto soabni itekureta hito datta. Itsumo, atashi no irubasho datta. kono juunigatsu ni nattara, mou ichinen ne, kimi wa atashi to wakaretakara... demo ne, dore dake ganbattemo, anatano koto ima ni mou, wasurerarenai yo. Mou kigasumu made nakasete kureru, soba ni iru hito wa mou inai... douka, modotte kure...

Wednesday, September 14, 2016

Day before Exam ~Personal Rambling~


SO my exam is finally tomorrow, and I'm in bed with severe muscle injury or ligament injury to put it in a more fancy way :x I've been wrecking my brain trying to read all the books while the pain keeps me from focusing, on top of it the noisy atmosphere I'm in makes it worse. 

I needed to sort out the jumbled mess in my head so decided to just write it all out instead of getting distracted.

I know there's a new chapter of Akatsuki no Yona out that I'm dying to read ._.  I also am itching to watch the new Makoto Shinkai movie I downloaded.

I have to clear up my room, and sort the things I need to give out x.x...

I want to find Shuja bhai and sensei's contact adress again ._. 

The flashcards I got I still haven't been able to use properly.

I need to take more time out to spend with family.

I want to get a part time job at the recording studio I found here as well x.x... But I also have to get my lesson plans ready for the people I'll be teaching starting September.

My friend will shoot me soon if I don't make a proper resume for myself.

I have to make the cover for Sangatsu Kokonoka and Yayashisa no Riyuu as well.

Plan the anime meet again.

konna aimai na jinsei de ii no kana atashi x.x...

Friday, August 26, 2016

Servamp Manga Chapter 10 - 35 ~Thoughts and Reflections~

Updated last night at 2:22 AM my time, I saw it early in the morning, and it's already over... While I was reading the last chapter I had this sickening feeling that I'm gonna have to wait and it was true T__T... since they JUST did a huge update, there's no way they'll update it again so soon T__T...

Servamp so far is going beautifully. I think people should really read this manga. I once again am presented with the many options, to do or not to do. in the end, life is just made out of the choices we make, good or bad, which leads us to where we are in time right here right now. The choices we make for us, the choices someone else's hand forces on us, when I think about it, they're still the choices that we could have chosen not to make.

I wonder, is a child to be blamed for the choice an elder person decides for him? Set up in an atmosphere where saying no is an instant road to endless suffering, physically or mentally, what does a child choose? Don't all choices depend on the people making them? presenting the same choices to two different type of people who grew up in different type of atmosphere, do they still bear the same results? Some choose to run away, some look away, and some follow through, but is it really a choice we make ourselves? How do we know, which choice was the one we truly made, which was the one that we were lead to believe that we're making and wasn't really ours? But then, the person who said "I'll do it" the person who said "I won't" would at the end of the day, still be you. So then who actually made the choice?

My choice of staying home today and finishing reading Servamp instead of attempting to go to gym even though I'm still weak from the week long fever, what exactly would have changed if I had chosen to go? would I have I had a life changing encounter? would I have met people or seen things that would change the way I see things? Or would I have just another day of workout and coming back home to my everyday life? I chose to stay here and read because I strongly felt that this manga has something in it that moves me... People have to live with their choices. I want to live with mine, not the choices I have to make because others want me to to make it, but the ones I make for myself, good or bad, if it's something I chose, then I have to live with it or fix it by myself.

Just because you're grown up doesn't necessarily mean you're wise or mature, I think, growing up means accepting yourself for who you are and moving on.

Few days ago, one of my friends got picked on and badmouthed a lot over the internet just cause he was selected for a big competition and won, where others who were trying to manipulate the people running the contest, didn't.  I thought about it for a long time while he was in the argument with the person, I could't see what they were talking about since it was a private chat, but I thought for a long time, Why? Why does he have to suffer just because he was good enough and worked hard to achieve something a lot of people were working towards. That doesn't really mean the others were bad, it's just he was better than the rest simply put. Does that mean you have to hate him for that? does that make you look better when you try to make him look bad? Don't people see how ugly they appear to the other person when they talk ill about someone just out of spite without putting in the extra effort that someone else did? So what if someone else won? Next time work more, work harder, put in your best effort, and work towards fixing what you lack. I don't think hating someone or trying to degrade someone just because they did better than you, helps you improve anything. People need to move on and realize that only by working on something just as hard, or even harder than the person they envy, can they actually get somewhere.

I wish people would actually try to understand themselves first before trying to lash out at others ._. ...

Thursday, August 4, 2016

Servamp Manga - Chapter 1-9 - Thoughts and Reflections ~

since I usually just watch the first episodes of onging series to get the feel of the voices and etc, I did the same with this one. After watching the first episode I switched to the manga, took a while to read just 9 chapters cause there was a lot going on and I didn't really have the chance to read, however, I'm glad I did. I'm really hoping that the anime picks up where the manga stopped. I think this series is somewhat similar to Natsume Yujinchou, heavily focused on the feels. I love how it steadily introduced characters and the backstories, and how you can relate to them cause of the super deep detailing, I haven't had this much feels since Natsume Yujinchou and Fruits Basket. They really need to update the manga and I really need to be able to read Japanese soon -.-;...

The way it was for Sakuya and Mahiru, I wonder if in real life friends actually think like that about each other? People usually change after a small conflict, for the sake of greed, for their own benefit, and for many different reasons. As I read the last two chapters, I kept thinking back on how many, many friends from the Maple Story times till now, I've believed in who have let me down... I wonder if it's really that easy for people. I wonder why I was never able to do that myself, so many times when I was told that the person I was going around doing so much for, is laughing at me behind my back, or is just using me, why did I keep on believing in them only to get back-stabbed later on. I still don't know why people change, it's already been 10 years +, I'm older but none the wiser. Even now, the people I called friends, I believed in them and truly thought of them as such, and 10 years later, it still hasn't changed. People still use me and I still get shocked when I learn how they felt about the relationship was never the same as me. Even now, I still end up getting attached, getting close, and getting hurt, but I still feel, it's better to be able to believe in people than doubting them from the start. Maybe my thinking style is really silly for this sort of world that I live in where people see each other as something to use or a stepping stone, but I think, I believe, that even if 99 out of 100 people that I believed in, change on me and betray me, even if I find one person, the one and only person would be worth going through all that suffering cause that one person would be the person who'd actually see me and feel for me as I do for them. My roommate in Kerala used to say something around the lines of "people are only together to take advantage of each other and to use each other, no need to get attached and no need to get close, once you're done with what you're there for, each will go their own way". But see, true as that might be, maybe someone doesn't feel like that, maybe someone out there would actually want someone they could depend on and open up to, who'd do the same for them, I don't think everyone in the world is that selfish and that disbelieving, I don't think there's no hope for this world, and I don't think people are stepping stones. 
I'm thankful to have friends who've helped keep my faith strong, Maddy, Rell, thank you.

Thursday, July 21, 2016

Servamp Episode 1 - Mahiru and Kuro Review - ~Thoughts and Reflections~

It all started when my fave YouTube singer JefferzKM tweeted the ending song of the series. I listened to it, watched the upbeat video and I got super interested and looked it up.
The song itself is amazing. Sunlight Avenue by Takuma Terashima, one of my top fave Seiyuu. I'll for sure one day do a cover of this song. It's been a long time since I was forced to watch an anime just because of it's open/ending song :x The last time was with Nurarihyon no Mago and it blew me away as well.
Uhm back to the anime review, it gave me flashbacks of Usagi Drop when I saw the first minutes.

The opening came soon after, I didn't pay much attention to it cause it wasn't much my type of song but it was not bad overall, "Deal with" by OLDCODEX.

The next part shows the main guy (Mahiru) all grown up and in school. He apparently takes up all the jobs that other people don't want to take up in class and is a cheerful friendly kid liked by everyone. Reminded me a bit of Kuronuma Sawako from Kimi ni Todoke, a bit more cheerful version of hers.

Mahiru picks up a cat in the street one day and and takes it home. Naming it Kuro, little knowing that this changes his life forever. When he goes back to his house after school he sees...

He finds the person who calls himself...


So far so good it's a pretty funny story... or so I thought till...

Yeah... it takes a really gore turn :x ... I'm not gonna spoil the story further but this, truly, is gonna be a masterpiece of an anime if they manage to keep it like this first episode. I'll read the manga then watch the rest of the episodes afterwards.

By the way... the way Mahiru looks is sooooooooooo familiar...

Mahiru - Servamp

Now look at...

Shintani Hinata - Kaichou wa Maid Sama!

And then....

Souda Manatsu - Red Data Girl

A little food for thought :P

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