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Tuesday, September 5, 2017

Eid, work, and then some.

Past two days of Eid vacations wasted in fever. Finishing up the work tonight, my first instinct is to sleep or think I can wake up and do this afterwards. But I know for a fact that if I don't do this now, it won't get done, and in the end I'll be in hell. I think, right now, I needed just a little bit of positive something. How much of a difference a kindly voice saying "keep at it, you can do it, you always work hard, you can do this" or something like that can make, I realised that yet again today. I guess, even if you make new friends, the difference of someone who really knows you saying something and of someone who has just gotten to know one side of you, really makes a huge difference.
Back in the gaming days, I still went by that code. The past two years, I couldn't return to it, no matter how much I tried, it was like that part as permanently broken. Today, one more time, I'll be able to try. I'll still somehow pull through. If I survived that time, I can still survive this.

Tatoe donna ni muzukashi koto demo, yatterareru, aa, darekaga miteageru, mitometeageru, atashi no zenryoku wa muda jyanai tte koto wo mata oshietekurete arigatou. Arigatou Lee, kimi no yasashisa ni mata tsukuwareta. Nanka... itsumo osewani natteru yo ne, arigatou, hitori demo, dekiru, tatta hitori demo, atashi no koto shijitekureru hito ga aru nara, yareru.

I get back to work as Suzuki Konomi's Choir Jail pulls at my heart and reminds me that it's my go to song at times like this.

Watashi wo akete, konna kurushisa de nanimo mienai...

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