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Sunday, April 6, 2008

Similar Content Blog/Site Promotion ~^__^~

Hi all ^_^

I'm starting a new sort of Blog Promotion program on my blog, I'll display 125x125 Ad/Button/or pixel Ad *the 30x30 type* on my blog which would usually cost some pretty good $$ especially the 125x125 ads, for free. The catch ? nothing, the rules? of course there are o.o

1. Your blog should have at least some content similar to mine ; Anime, Manga, Poetry, Japan Related, Graphic Designing, Romance, Music, Blog Promotion, Humor, Inspirational, or Personal Life related content.

2. If it doesn't have a relative content doesn't matter if the layout and design and the content catch my eye and I like it.

3. Display my Blog's 125x125 Ad, Button 100x20 or 30x30 Pixel Ad, it doesn't matter where you place it I least care as long it's there, I don't even care which ad type you choose I'll be displaying whatever type you choose even if you don't choose mine of the same type (although I'll be sad that there's no love in this world if I display a 125x125 and you display a 30x30 T____T).

That's all for the so called rules o.o

It'll be sort of a Club o.o I'll make free favicon, and custom *Proud Member of AnK Blog Club* Badges matching everyone's website or blog, well whoever participates that is ^__^

I'm hoping I'll get a good response and it'll be fun to have a new way of blog/site promotion with people who have similar content. Plus it will be a great way to find more people who share similar interests and contents ^__^ and everyone in the Club can ask each other to display each other's banners or buttons and it'll be a great way for Blog exposure ^__^

Everyone's welcome not just Bloggers ^_^ Site owners and wordpress and other services owners can also join in ^__^ it's all about similar content and spreading the love for what you hold dear ^__^

Anyone got anymore suggestions ? o.o I'd love to hear from everyone ^__^
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