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Sunday, April 6, 2008

Newly Added ^__^

Hiya ! I updated again ^^ notice the cute little buttrfly where the ugly weird old icons used to be ? yes! I got a Favicon finally ^^ actually it was resting in my folder for a month now in shape of PSD file and Yay me I finally took my time off from Manga and projects and made this and loaded it here ^__^ *wow so happy over being lazy xP*

Also, added are Top Spots ~ Buy a spot there and make me happy ^__^ also get super cool people who come to visit me directed to your own site ^_^ and it's not even as expencive as usually sites are ^__^ Yay me ^^

And more ! added a U Drop I Link widget ! so whoever drops me an EntreCard would get his/her link shown on my blog ^__^ so come on get dropping *boy does that sound wrong ~_~*

And thanks to the sweet people who subscribed to my Feed ^__^ and to those who commented on my posts and left messages in my shoutbox ^^ that's so very sweet and supportive of you all ^_^

I've been having trouble with my net connection due to rains and storms here so it's hard to update, bear with me ^^;

Oh and I'm thinking of starting a contest here o.o... what sort of contest you ask? I don't know ... any ideas ? don't gimme a money giving idea >.> not giving out money, but I'll make custom graphics as prize ^^ so what contest should it be o.o ?

Till the next time I come here ^^

Ja ne ^_^
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