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Sunday, April 6, 2008

Thousand Years of Snow/ Sennen No Yuki ~ Manga ~ Bisco Hatori

Hmmm.... just started reading this one, it's very different, a girl that doesn't have a long time to live who falls in love with a guy who has a thousand years... a vampire... a unique story of innocent love, the vampire can't drnk blood and keeps his energy by eating normal food, and the girl insists on giving him her blood and to be with him for a thousand years... the vampre refuses but ends up having to give her his own blood so she can live just a little while longer with him...what a unique story... I've read just two chapters and I already love it... are of me to start writing after just two chapters instead of after fnishing the whole manga... kirie...

oh yeah, since I'm sick of finding images for the manga I read, off the net I've decided to do some Photshop work and get them myslef for my blog ~_^
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