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Sunday, November 9, 2008

Pretty Face ~ Yasuhiro Kano ~ Manga ~ プリティフェイス

LOL LOL !!! I LOVED it ! I've just read the first volume of this not-so-shoujo manga and I agree with Naki chan it's really a good break to read more shounen type of manga once in a while ^^ ok okay review

The story starts with a really arrogant Karate champion who's really the strongest one around and he has a huge crush on a girl in his school, returning from a championship in Hokkahido he get's into an accident and when he wakes up he's in a doctor's place and the doctor tells him he was all burnt up and he's saved his life and that he was in coma for one whole year and in the meantime the doctor has restored his face with the help of a picture he found on him. But the odd thing is, the picture was of the girl Rina that he had a major crush on and now he looks just like her twin! he goes out of the place trying to get to his house to get a picture of himself but his parents broken hearted at the death (yeah he was considered dead), of their only son has moved and as he's wondering what will happen if anyone sees him in Rina's face and what if the actual person shows up, he comes face to face with Rina herself o.o *wowee*

Rina goes all happy thinking that he's the elder twin sister that had ran away from home two years ago and is really happy and takes him home and her parents meet her and are really happy as well. He pretends memory loss and runs out for the time being but in the end is forced to live with Rina because she's been so upset about losing her sister. He then goes to his former school thinking that they'll have a picture of him but his friends in the karate club show great hatred for him and say they threw the pics out long ago and that they really despised him, and the teachers don't have a pic of him cause he escaped all the group pic sessions, he comes back home all sad thinking how he'll get his face back when Rina walks in and asks him if he knew Rohonda Sempai, he's afraid he's been discovered but then Rina asks him if he was in love with Rohonda and he says he was just asking cause he was a nice person and he wanted to see how he looked like now. Much to his surprise Rina take out a pic of himself and gives it to him, amazed he asked how she has it and turned out that she loved him for a very long time but wasn't able to confess her feeling because her sister wasn't with her and she didn't want to be the only one being happy. Rohonda considered her feelings and ended up living as her sister until he could find her sister back.

these are the prime parts there's a lot more fun stuff in this managa so be sure to check it out ^^ in the last chapter in this vol Rina loses the money she and five of her classmates had collected and Randoh tries hard at a not-telling-what contest to get the prize and when he finally ends up fist it turns out he won a trip for five to Okinawa, Okinawa = beaches = swimsuits = he gettng exposed as being a guy *lol*.

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