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Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Ichigo 100% ~ いちご100% ~ Manga ~ Mizuki Kawashita

From Wikipedia : Ichigo 100% 167-chapter manga by Mizuki Kawashita that was serialized in the Weekly Shōnen Jump magazine from 2002 volume 12 to 2005 volume 35, and collected in 19 tankōbon volumes between August 2002 and December 2005. The manga has been adapted into an audio drama, light novel, game, and anime. The manga was licensed by Viz Media with the first volume released in July 2007. (This part has been added for the people who want a short info about the manga)

I got net finally but it's a net card net so gomen, I can't upload images at the moment. I'll add images to this post later, till then bear with me ^^'

Ichigo 100% Oct 22nd 2008 8:12 PM IST:

Yeah I'm still at my new place and still don't have any net so got a lot of time to read and review manga...


I switched to shounen manga for a change from shoujo (all that many emotions were making me feel kind of lonely...) and... well... anyhow Ichigo 100% was a good managa in the end... I'm not gonna describe it chapter by chapter or vol by vol cause it'll get totally tiring but... sigh... since it was a shounen manga there were lots of 'accidental' skirt lifting (._.) and lots of flashing (._.) and lots and lots of H scenes (actually made me wonder why I'm even bothering to read this bunch of crap) but as the story goes on it turned out to be really intense... an indecisive guy (Manaka) who can't choose between the 3 girls that like him, one who shares all his dreams and fantasies and make him the person who he is (Aya Toujou) , the other who he can be the most happiest and himself with (Satsuki Kitaooji) , and one who he's confessed to and is totally mesmerized by (Tsukasa Nishino) ... together they form a film club with few other friends and the story that starts from middle school when Manaka met Aya and continues throughout their high school year out till university, perfectly put together.


I personally didn't like the ending though from a boy's point of view it might have been perfect, the fact that Aya is the one that ends up suffering alone (yeah Satsuki too but Aya's not like Satsuki so it's harder for her), I wished all through the manga that she ends up with Amachi and even when it got down to that she still held on to Manaka... sigh... I feel bad for Aya... I kind of see myself in her so it's hard for not to feel sorry for her this much... I liked how they ended everyone's story, the fact that Yui didn't get anything in the end made me feel bad (oh come on! she was just too cute and loyal!). I was happy that Tsukasa and Manaka were together but I kind of wanted the paring to be like 'Manaka/Aya - Amachi/Satsuki - Tsukasa/Higure' that would be the perfect setting where everyone could be happy, but then when Manaka chose Tsukasa I desperately wished Aya would be happy with Amachi... sigh.. he loved her so much T.T stupid stupid Aya T.T and he was so so in love with her T.T... sigh... okay okay, enough of my ramblings.

End Impression

On the whole, the manga was good if you could put up with the ecchi parts (._.;;) and the story was in a way romantic so yeah, I'd rate it 5/10 and yeah a good read for if you're bored (or that desperate), not recommended for romantics, it'll just kill your mood and half the time you'd be thinking why you even bothered to start this when it's got so much ecchi content and so much skin showing and fan service instead of a solid intensive storyline and the end will make you scream with frustration cause the girl you've liked throughout the story would just end up being hurt and you'd end up being mad at the mangaka for the crappy way she degraded her. But if you're willing to put up with all that then this manga is a sure good read. ^-^;

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