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Wednesday, November 12, 2008

My New Net and More~ Random Talk ~ Thoughts and Reflections

Okay, so I got my new net, it's from 12:00 PM till 6:00 PM IST (My Time), a Reliance Card Net, so yeah it's mega slow, a page normally takes around 5 mins to load even, and that too if the page doesn't have a lot of images, it's hard to upload images or anything, I was planning on launching my Fushigi Yuugi site finally after I get net but since it's so laggy and slow it won't let me upload my site to the server *cries*. Anyhow, for now all my posts will be imageless and I know it sucks, I hate it more than anyone else (=.=) shoganai ne... at least it's better than having no net at all (>.>).
For now I'm strugglig with me Moonlight Shadow Creations blog, I bought a domain name for it but I'm unable to make it work and connect, even though my dear friend Naki Chan of helped me out and gave instructions step by step my brain is so poor that it can't even work even after that and I'm all confused (@.@) Just HOW do I make the stupid blog and domain name connect (T^T)!!! anyhow, I'm gonna make it work no matter what! If I'm gonna get anywhere with my designing career I'm gonna have to work hard and make my Moonlight Shadow Creations work!

So then... these days I'm just lazing about with not much work to do, of course I still have the cooking and stuff but I got a little maid to help me out with stuff so it's not that much of a trouble, I got a great view out of my balconey and it's all green! I'm alone almost all day so pretty much on my own, I spend most the time reading manga, watching animem, reviewing stuff, and making graphics and working on my Fushigi Yuugi site, yeah life's a bit better now ^_^

Oh and I got some great book on Japanese learning ^__^ wooooooh that felt good buying those books in the Book Cafe *hearts* the owner was giving me weird looks when I squeeled over seeing books on Japanese, lol must be a rarity for someone to get this excited over Japanese ref. books ^^;

Gah that feels good to have said all that ^^ until next time ~

OH YEAH! I wanted to say one more thing, To all of you who think you've left me behind, too bad, it's your loss, I'll continue at my own pace, in my own way, never ever giving up, as long as even one person believes in me, as long as I have something or someone I long for and believe in I'll still have a reason to keep moving forward without turning back to look at what I've lost, the people who matter, will never leave me, even if circumstances occur and we're seperated, I'm sure one day things will get better and we'd be able to look back at the hard days and laugh about it, so until then, I'll never give up. To all of you who have supported me throughout this time, arigatou... hontouni arigatou, you have no idea how much it meant to me... arigatou, it was cause you were there that I was able to go on even after all that pain and hardships and tears... arigatou... zettai wasurenai...

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