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Saturday, March 22, 2008

No Posts ~ Fever Alert!

Since I'm down in bed with fever, there won't any posts till get better, nor any comments back *sorry*, also I got a project at hand from Hoto so I have to complete that first and foremost and then be able to make any posts, gomen nasai, hontoni gomen nasai T___T

Also, a note to people who subscribed to my feed and to whose feeds I subscribed to, this post is a confirmation sort of post, when I post this, I need every 'exchange subscription person' who subscribed to my feed to post a comment on this post so I would know that they're still subscribed, if there's no response from whoever I exchanged subscribes with in the beginning I'll unsubscribe to all of those who didn't respond, no matter if they got this or not I don't care, I've had just about enough of this subscribe and then unsubscribe joke, I'm just getting my inbox full of stuff from people who don't bother to read my stuff, I get extremely happy and gleeful when I see people have subscribed and then I get equally mad when see the unsubscribed, so do respond ~

~end note, think about a person's feelings, if you're gonna end up unsubscribing, I'd prefer you don't subscribe at all...
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