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Sunday, January 11, 2009

Frisky Fever~

Check out, a new site I ran into, started reading into in once I got there and I was like rolling with luaghter the place is so very amazing, they got this neat astrology section there (go to astrology section) with more than just info on astrological sings xD and there are these awsome posts on clebs and musicinas (which at the moment I'm still checking out in between writing these, notice the puases?) which'll make you laugh like crazy or leave you with a >:O sign if say in net language.

Oh great, I checked my sign just now, Gemini btw if you guys didn't know by all my talking all this time ( for the ones who didn't ; IDIOTS ! go check out here :P ), and whew... the accuracy of it scared me just a lil bit o.o... of course I don't really go by the book, if it says no romance or fun in March and April I'll force some in >:D Muahahaha for you others who're curious go go go it's really really fun and fast too with full deatails of how evil you have a chance to be this year xD

Also, I found thsi awesome dates and relationships section there that totally needs a big checking out for sure! OMG! you can register here! Yayness, Tamahome No Miko heading to Frisky too now ^^ Oh and for girls, check out the 'What to bring on a First Date' post, scary but awesome stuff, you guys might learn a LOT from it.

SO GO GO GO >:O what're you still goggling over here for, go check the site and let me know how it went and leave comments <3
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