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Sunday, June 4, 2017

Somewhere over the Rainbow...

This is literally my personal rambling so don't read if you don't want to read random incoherent stuff which is going to probably make you want to ask a lot of questions which I probably don't have answers for, or if you don't want to waste time trying to figure out what the hell I'm talking about.

At the start of the holidays, I got stung by a weird honey bee and my hand was almost unable to function properly due to swelling, it's recovered a lot but still somewhat painful. I spent time just being in bed watching anime, even scrolling to read manga was painful. Needless to say, I'm way behind schedule.

I ran into someone online today, just for a few minutes, they talked about old movies in that shortest possible time, and I got reminded of how much I loved watching movies, romcoms mainly. Not the ridiculous ones that are made now (some are still really nice), but more in the like of The Wedding Singer and You've Got Mail and While You Were Sleeping and my all time favourite, The Lake House. somehow, I find that sort of stuff so believable and beautiful. The soft, lovely soundtracks, the gripping BGM, the very beautiful way of making the impossible possible as if by magic. Where people understand each other when they exchange words. Where instant messaging isn't a thing, and people are patient and can wait and genuinely care. Where 'moving on' isn't a thing and people put their heart and soul into making things work, I wonder why people say that it's a girl's thing to watch... Isn't it a wonderful thing to be able to talk and care about each other? Does it make a guy less manly if he's able to devote his life to one woman and pursue her till she's not able to say no cause she believes in his sincerity?
Movies like this remind me of Emma, and of Jane Eyre, of the magic that Cecelia Ahern spins and of the old English Classics that I grew up reading. Why is it wrong to think like that in today's time? Being able to love someone wholeheartedly, is now called a weakness...why? Isn't it the most courageous thing to do? Being able to completely believe in someone and take a chance against the odds is something that should only be limited to books and movies? You'll get hurt, a lot, a lot of times you'll face utter and complete disappointment and despair, but...isn't it all about the silver lining in the end? Even if things don't work out, isn't picking up the pieces again and starting off again, something that should be believed in? Of course, life isn't a fairy-tale (I just wrote fairy tail then had to edit), everything doesn't go as you plan, the other person involved might not see things in the same light as you, but, being afraid of the results before you even start would really not get things anywhere... I feel like, giving up is something that you should do after you've tried everything in your power to make something work.

saisho kara akiramechattara, nanimo hajimaranai kara, korondemo, kizutsuketemo, kokoro ga boroboro ni nattemo, akiramechattara, mou ippo de todokesou na basho made mo todokanai kara... akiramenaide, ganbatte, kitto nanikaga matteru, donna ni kurushii hibi ga attemo, kanashimi no mokou de, zettai darekaga matteru kara, akiramenaide, mou ichidou mae e susume... sono saki wa zettai nanika aru hazu. Maa, koko wa atashi jishin wo hagemasu tameni mo arukedo... ne, atashi ganbatteta ne? saisho kara saigo made, nanimokamo yatte mita deshou? mou yasunde ii no ne? kondo wa dareka atashi wo mitsukete kureru ban dayone?
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