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Thursday, July 28, 2011

Anime Review ~ Bleach Season 1 Episode 7~ Nuigurumi kara KONnichiwa/Greetings from a Stuffed Toy

The Most interesting thing I noticed about this particular episode was the title, KONnichaiwa is a pun, includingd KON's name and konnichiwa which in Japanese is equal to the English Hello or Greetings. That would be my trivia for today :P
Also, I got frustrated from watching online/stream in lousy quality and colourless picless posts on my blog so in rage went and downloaded till Season three xD so yay pics now *-*
If anyone know where to get torrents for the next seasons do let me know please <3

Episode 7 :
Urahara Kiesuke is getting ready to go retrive the escaped Kaizo Konpaku (MOD Soul)

While Ichigo and the MOD Soul are fighting it out, Rukia gets an order to go after a Hollow and MOD Soul escapes. While Rukia is bewildered cause she can't track the Hollow, the MOD Soul senses the Hollow in the direction where the kids were playing and runs to save them.
Right when the Hollow was about to finish him off Ichigo rushes in and helps him

As the Hollow is about to fall down vanishing MOD Soul rushes to kick him off from falling on the kids down beneath. When Ichigo asks him didn't he hate those kids he just saved, he tells his story
Meanwhile Uraha Store people come and Retrive the Soul
Ichigo is worried what's gonna happen to it but Rukia takes the soul back and hands it to Ichigo.

On the way back he tries to talk the soul and in his determination KON is Born~

Next Morning Ichigo notices the time when rushing for school, upon arriving in school the girls are all talking happily and Orihime greets him and he greets her back unusually nicely and Orihime and Tatsuki are uneasy. Then Tatsuki asks for the date and says she knows why he's like that, he's not happy but extreme tense and he'll take tomorrow day off from school.

At Night Ichigo asks Rukia if he can take the day off Shinigami Duty since it's the Day his mom passed away, then corrects himself saying "was muredered"

Meanwhile... someone is being dispatched to search for and find out about Rukia...

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