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Saturday, March 1, 2008

Chrno Crusade ~ Anime ~ Episode 10

episode 10... eugh... I should so 'not' be watching this bloodshed -.-... I'm really gonna vomit -_-'' almost like Hiabane Renmei when they got their wings out and the blood that came with it ...... I'm gonna make myself feel sick -_-'' Joshua is sprouting horns and is bleeding in a sickeningly natural and real way -_-;;... why do I put myself through these things -.-''

That frozen time, it must be so sad for Rosette to watch her friends frozen in time while hers' keeps moving towards her end constantly... sometimes... I wish to watch just happy and fun stuff that won't make me sad... so that I don't cry anymore... but then I think... this, even though sad, is also a part of life which if I coward away from I'll never be stronger... if I just hide away from sadness like that... I don't want to hide from pain... never again... that one time was one too many... mou nido tou...

I'm tired and sleepy and in pain... I think I'll watch the rest tomorrow...
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