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Thursday, March 13, 2008

Chzumi & Fujiomi ~ Manga ~

Hmmm... there's not much to say about this manga... I guess when you've read as many as I have you start seeing a pattern and then start comparing -_-; Bad habit... Anyhow, the mangaka seems very funny when I read her omake ^^;

The manga focuses on Chizumi, a light hearted clumsy klutzy girl who gets scared easily, Kou Fujiomi, a really handsome *for this manga anyways* but scary looking guy who doesn't socializes with anyone and keeps to himself and his expression never changes. The manga is about how this most unusual couple came to be and how everyone had a little bit of part in building their relationship... it's a good read, not really very captivating or anything... but... it was good anyway ^^ just good for a light read if you have the time and the mood. The interesting parts were mostly with Gohoji and Komuro ... lol I found Gohoji actually really funny, every time he made that scary face to scare Chizumi ^^ it was such a funny part whenever he came in ^_^ and Shou Fujiomi, Kou Fujiomi's brother is kind of funny too, a teasing type of big brother who cares a lot about his younger brother and looks out for him. This manga really focuses on inner sreangth, Chizumi even though gets scared easy and even though is really clumsy, has a really good nature and is really strong form inside ^_^ I liked the concept ^^ I don't get scared easy ... well mostly I don't but I'm klutzy ^^ so it was kind of fun to read about someone like me ^^; definitely a Shoujo manga ~_^ ... I said a lot for a manga that had not much to say about o.o ... ^_^;;

Story & Art: Kyouko Hikawa
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