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Saturday, March 8, 2008

Dear Mine ~ Manga

Aaaahhh! That was such-a-sweet Manga, the story is so unreal and so really beautiful !
A heart warming tale of innocent love and pure giving kindness sigh... I hope everyone reads it and feels how I just did... sigh... that was so very very beautiful... innocent love like that always makes my heart feel so warm and so very full. I wish all mangas were like this, so pure so innocent and so romantic with not a trace of H things... sigh... I feel all dreamy... that was sooo beautiful *__*

It goes like the main girl Satoko was from a very rich family but after her father died her mother had to start working and she helped her mother out. Until one day she finds out she's engaged to a 10 year old kid who's the head of a powerful and rich company...

At times it reminded me of my favorite Fruits Basket manga cause the main girl was so like Tohru, even though the main guy Fuuma had a Hiro like touch, I really liked Hiro anyway *you won't know what I'm saying unless you've read Fruits Basket yourself so go and download and read ^^*. The side characters I really enjoyed reading it, actually took a day off from blogging even though I have a tight line of things to do for my blog but it was just too distracting if I had left it that way, and the feeling when I finished it... I'm glad, I'm so glad I downloaded it when I did, I highly Recommend it to everyone.
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