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Monday, March 17, 2008

Ichigo Channel ~ Manga ~ Thoughts & Reflections

WRONG WRONG WRONG !!!!!! After all Tendo did for her T___T don't want Ichiko ending up with Kanzaki !!! I don't care if she loved him, Tendo loved her more ! and looks more classy than Kanzaki and is so much more caring towards her T___T and he actually loves her so much T___T ..... oh yeah... the manga...

So I started this thinking it's a cute manga but when I saw it's from Shoujo Magic I got myself ready for some seriously deep stuff *Shoujo Magic = the group that's also doing Fushigi Yuugi Genbu Kaiden *

It stated off by Ichiko tying to support her brother, who desperately wanted to become an idol, become an idol for a year when Tendo offered them the job, but he put in one condition, Ichiko will have to pose as a guy cause it's a three guy group called Trijet. So along with Kanzaki the guy that almost kissed her, and her brother, Trijet is born. As the series continues it gets hard for Ichiko to keep her female identity hidden because even though he hates 'number one', Kanzaki is falling for the female Ichigo and fast. The there appears a rival in form of Sousuke... *Nyaaaa I got the first thought about the Sousuke from Full Metal Panic!* and then when everything is turning right and things are getting along fine with Kanzaki and Ichiko... Tendo drops on her a bomb...

Tendo's Pic ~ The White Haired guy is him Thanks to the site for scanning and uploading these pics~

Another Tendo Pic ~

The thing with this manga was that it got me hooked from the very first page, I don't like slow mpving mangas that can't keep a person's interest for long, this one though, had me on the edge every second, I liked Kanzaki a lot *duh he's the main* but i don't know, I thought about Tendo from the very begging ... I mean even when Sousuku showed up it was like... I don't know Tendo stayed at the back of my mind all the time. Hmmm even though he tried breaking up Kanzaki and Ichiko I don't really mind that >.> *the type that goes for people who take the initiative* it's cause heck he loved her! I don't hate Kanzaki, he's nice and all but Tendo... T_____________T I WANT HER TO BE WITH TENDO DAMMIT !!!! Mangaka no baka ! sigh... I just... I don't think that... even if Tendo tried to break them up... I kind of understand that... I mean... if he can make her happy... why not T___T and then... she feels for hm too, even if Kazaki is the one she loves, she wasn't unhappy that Tendo loves her, for her Tendo was someone special who she didn't wish to lose... I kinda understand that feeling, being in a likewise situation myself... but it's just hard for that person... and well... it's a bit hard for your own feelings to focus that way too, you keep thinking is he the one or is he not? and keep getting more confused, when she sad she wildly wishes to see Kanzaki that moment after Tendo confessed to her, I kind of understood why... cause it was disturbing fo her... and because she felt like she likes Tendo and so it'd be easy to fall for him and so she needed Kanzaki to be there with her so she doesn't get misled by her own feelings... kinda sad... I was so desperately hoping that she'd end up with Tendo... Kanzaki could get many girls, heck he already had Yuki when he met Ichiko and wasn't he the one who first said he couldn't go out with her? and Tendo liked her from the beginning... it's wrong... and Tendo was way more passionate and caring than that stupid Kanzaki =.= yea yea I'm bias or whatever, I loved his character the most in the whole manga... at least Sousuke got Chizuru... poor Tendo is left alone T____T I HATE THIS !!!!!!!!!!!!! STUPD DAMN MANGA !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! sigh........ it's definitely woth a read 10/10 I love it! waaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhh poor Tendo *is busy crying now*

I recommend this site to anyone who's interested in finding out more~
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