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Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Soko wa Nemuri no Mori/There Lies The Sleeping Forest ~ Manga

I just finished reading it, a Manga by Mizushiro Setona, it was a collection of three very love stories, although, sometimes I wonder why these short story type of Mangas go directly to H things instead of building up a romantic involvement first, it's sort of... not really my type of thing -_-'' the first story was three chapters long the other two were 1 each, all in one Volume, the story line for the first one was a bit unusual, 2nd one not so special, and the third one was sweet, in my opinion the third one was the type that I like really, sacrificing and sweet and no H things, it was really heart warming type ^^... (what am I doing getting happy over a thing that's not real -_-'' ) heck who cares, I'm just glad I found another good manga ^_^ it's nice, worth a read, short simple and sweet ^^
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