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Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Hana Zakari No Kimitachi E (Hana-Kimi)~For You In Full Blossom ~Manga~ Vol 1 ~ Hisaya Nakajo

Vol 1 : To be honest I could have written this *and should have* chapter by chapter but since I read it like 2-3 days ago and didn't write back then and can't bother to read back now it's just better to write now than not writing at all ^^; *what a lame excuse =.=*

Anyhow, Ashiya Mizuki originally Japanese living in USA transfers to a school in Japan to be close to her idol Sano Izumi who she saw on TV doing a high jump and wants to see it in real, there's just one little catch, the school Sano goes to is an all boys school! So to persue her goal she dresses up as a boy and just as luck might have it actually ends up in the same room as Sano. However soon in the 2nd chapter Mizuki gets hit while playing basketball with Nakatsu and Sano comes to pick her up and take her to the infirmary, and thus discovers her true identity. There in the infirmary the school doctor *Umeda Hokuto Sensei, remeber who he is cuse I'll be refering to him by name from now on* has discoverd that she's a girl and starts picking on her, later she voleteerly comes and confesses to him about being a girl and in the end he starts helping her out. Nanba Minami is introduced *I love him!* and turns out to be the doctors nephew. now the main issue here is that Mizuki discovers Sano has quit High jump! while another girl, Sano's classmate Yamashina Rika appears who seems like a rival and is trying to make Sano go back to high jumping again, however, late in the final chapter of this Vol sano finally tells Mizuki the reason he quit and promises to go back and try again.

Meanwhile Naktasu has totally fallen for her cute girlish looks and is going raving mad doubting his own mind why he's so badly falling for a guy until he sees Mizuki cry, after that he stops caring if he's being called weird or whatever as long as he can keep her from crying that way again... *how honorable T_______T I sooooo love Nakatsu !*

What a stupid incomplete review -.- next Vol I'll definitely do better >.>

and yeah incase you guys are wondering what this 'new' start means, I'll be deleting the old posts later on ... hmm or maybe not 0.o not decided yet, anyhow I wanna start anew on this manga since back then when I first read it I didn't really do reviewing o.o...

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