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Monday, May 5, 2008

Zettai Kareshi/Absolute Boyfriend ~ Manga ~ Yuu Watase ~ Thoughts & Reflections

I Bloody HATE Yuu Watase ! that woman is doing this to me again and again in everyone of her stupid mangas! first she goes and kills of Nuriko and I cry for days just thinking about it, then she kills Hotohori as well T_______T........ then in Ayashi no Ceres in the end Tooya had to disappear and Yuuhi to take his place as the guy who'd be with Aya forever... I didn't hate Tooya T__T I was sad for Yuuhi but it didn't really had to turn out in Tooya disappearing without even getting to see his baby grow up... or to even see it being born T___T I cried all night that night when I read that dammed final chapter T__T

AND NOW SHE'S GONE AND KILLED OFF NIGHT !!! I HATE THIS WOMAN !!! I must be some sort of an idiot to be awake all night reading her stupid work even though I know it was gonna make me cry so bad that I shake and choke! it's 5:30 AM my time and I been up the whole dammed night reading Zettai Kareshi... I thought finally she could be happy with Night... I was feeling extremely sorry for Soushi but... this didn't have to end this way... she could've ended him up as a human or at least done something that would give a good happy ending... BUT NOOOOOOOOOOOOO the sadistic woman would not give me a happy ending T_____T what the hell am I doing at this hour of the night crying like an idiot T______T BUT THIS IS SOOOOOOOOOO DAMN WRONG !!!!!!!!!!!!! Night didn't have to die... T___T fine Soushi loved her all along and Night was just a figure... but even still... he did love her a lot too... *there now I'm starting to cry badly again* and the part when Soushi told her about Night's letter and where Night's face appeared saying "don't cry anymore" waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa I could just die !!!!!!! this is way more painful than I thought !! I BLOODY HATE YUU WATASE WHAT THE HELL IS THAT WOMAN THINKING REDUCING MY LIFE LIKE THIS !!!!!! T______T I don't think I'll ever be able to forget this manga... I hate Yuu Watase... she so knows how to really really capture a person's heart and make them feel just what the character is feeling... I'm not gonna review this manga... this will be my only review of it... if you wanna find out more just go and fine it, it's available on One Manga and you can read it online, otherwise torrent it like did... It's one of Yuu Watase's best work.... Fushigi Yuugi, Ayashi no Ceres and now this... no matter how much I hate this woman, I admire her soul more than anything... the way she's able to show people's feelings... in a way that it makes a person think of the characters as if they're real.... that's truly admirable...

I've learnt every possible way... love is just so painful... and still everyone loves... sometimes I have to ask myself "was it really worth all this pain all this time?" and then I feel from inside... yeah... it really was... I guess... one has to go through it to really feel the pain and the joy... I suppose I wouldn't have been able to feel that pain that grief that comes when you lose someone important if I hadn't lost my most important person... I wouldn't have been able to understand any one's feelings... the gentleness... the kindness... the warmth... the little things that don't matter to anyone but the people who're experiencing it... I'm grateful... if I'm able to connect with people now... if I'm able to truly relate to everyone to really feel their sadness or joy in my heart it's because of that one person who made me believe who made me understand... arigatou... because you showed me the way... because you guided me through it all... all because of you... all beacue you were there... arigatou... hontouni arigatou...
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