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Saturday, September 13, 2008

Saikano~ The Last Love Song on This Little Planet ~ Shin Takahashi ~ Manga ~ Vol 5

Vol 5:... it's too painful... Akemi died... Tetsu died... Atsushi died... Chise almost died as well... she left the SDF and came to look for Shuji... she left for Fuyuumi Tetsu's last things... Fuyuumi tried for the last time to use Shuji as Tetsu's replacement and gave up and left as Shuji saw visions of Akemi yelling at him and stopped... the worst thing about this manga is... it's so painful... it's so true... this really is what happens in war struck countries and places... we live each day happily, crying laughing over silly thing that don't even matter all that much while people somewhere die... makes one see how very very useless the things we think are so important are... I hated where Akemi died so helplessly.. and also Tetsu... I didn't want him to die.. not this helplessly... at least he should have lived... he who treated Chise like a normal girl who cared for so much... I wish he'd have lived a bit longer... at least Chise granted him his final wish... Atsushi... who came to war just to be able to protect Akemi... Akemi who loved Shuji all this time... it's just so sad... makes me feel how important it is to let people know how you feel for them while you still can... in such a short life, in such a short time... if you can just live happily with the people you treasure isn't that just enough...

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