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Thursday, June 25, 2009

Bokura Ga Ita ~ Episode 1-2 ~ Review

Bokura ga Ita Episode 1-2:
The first I read about this series it was described as "I would recommend the series to anyone who is looking for a story that could be real, for anyone who wants to reminisce or for those of you who enjoy love stories." by mastress from I thought "wow! this sounds like for me". The moment I started on the series I knew I was hooked.

The character design was oddly cute and not overly made to look real, I guess Obata Yuuki Sensei has a really simple but attractive art style, cute and sweet in it's own way.
I didn't start writing after the first episode but after the second I just had to, the story was turning really beautifully and naturally.

Takahashi Nanami (Nana) has just started High School and the first guy she hears about from everyone, Yano Motoharu, she dislikes because of his carefree attitude, but incident after incident makes her change her views about him as he keeps on helping her again and again. Then she finds out about his past and likes him even more (yes I'm not giving any spoilers, chill), the like ends up in a confession and he's not sure if he likes her that way or not, she's not willing to go out with someone like that so she tells him to just forget about it, but again he helps her out when their class is in trouble because of her forgetting about joining the council meeting (she's the class president and Yano is Vice President. Really funny how that came to be.) and that makes her realize that even though she doesn't want to go out with him when he's so undecided, there's no changing the growing feeling she has for Yano who keeps everything inside in himself.

The ending song of the first Episode was Aishiteru by Mi and for the second Episode it was Koko ni Ite by Kaouri Asou. I really loved both, I'll post them here soon if it's not against the rules, however have links to download them if anyone is really really interested.

I'll try writing again after each episode ^^

For now some pics from the Second Episode (was too absorbed to take more than one in first one) ^^;

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