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Thursday, December 16, 2010

Taiyou No Uta ~ Movie ~ Thoughts and Reflections

Dec 06 2010 00:00 AM:

Taiyou No Uta, of all of Raiyun's collections I saved this movie till the end, and like all others, this too moved me very deeply.

This is the story of Amane Kauro played by "YUI" (singer/songwriter/actress) , a girl with a mysterious illness that has no cure.

Because of her ilness she can't go into sunlight, if she does it'll kill her. So she spends her life sleeping by day and singing out on the street by night, her one and only passion.

Her life changes when the boy she has liked, Koji, ( Takashi Tsukamoto) from a long time and been watching from her window finally has an encounter with her on the street one night. She expects him to turn away from her when he finds out about her illness, but the boy surprises her with an unweavering love.

All through the movie I was captivated. That sort of love is possible right...? The story doesn't always hae to be just a story, maybe somewhere in reality that's really happening. Watching love like this gives me hope to still believe in people and in love... even if they say it happens only in movies, but the movies originated from somewhere, and if there's someone somewhere who can think of such a beautiful love then that sort of love can exist too right? I hope to get the OSTs of this movie and then upload them here soon.
itsumo arigatou.

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