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Saturday, September 15, 2012

Blood + Episode 1 - First Kiss/Fāsuto Kisu/ (ファーストキス)

Saya Killing
First Opening Scene Part.
So, after watching Blood C because I was intrigued that it was a CLAMP work, I'm starting on Blood +, so far I avoided it cause of the gore AMV's I saw =.=... But when I started the first thing I see is a gore scene x.x...

Hoping this will let me get over my fear of blood >.<!

The opening was Aozora no Namida (青空のナミダ) by Hitomi Takahashi, seemed nice ^^.

 I'll update post as I go o.o...

The story starts with a high schooler Saya Otonashi.
She’s in the Track and Field club and is training with her friend Kaori, lunch hour comes and they see a flight of planes passing by. Saya has no memories before a year ago and Kaori tells her these are bombing planes and Saya tries to remember why they seem familiar to her. 

Her brother (not blood related, she’s an adopted daughter of the family) Kai comes to pick her up and take her to the Hospital where she needs to get a blood transfusion every day.

On her way back from the hospital she sees a Cello player and the sound makes her remember something but before she could remember probably she trips and opens her eyes and runs off in embarrassment while  the Cello Player watches her leave.

When she gets home she finds out she left her running shoes at school and declares she’s going to go get them. At the door she encounters someone who asks her father when Saya leaves if her memories have returned. Saya’s been entrusted to her father by some syndicate that are paying him to keep her but he’s starting ot think of her as his own daughter and doesn’t want to give her up.

Saya reaches school and finds the Cello player near the tree where she left her shoes, he takes a knife out in his hands she runs and bumps into a teacher. He follows her and looks around but there’s nothing there. He turns to come back to her and all of a sudden a hand from above the tree grips him from the head and Saya hears sounds of chewing and calls the teacher out in fright only to find his body dropping from the tree drenched in blood followed by a stranger creature…

Saya’s friend Kaori brings her shoes to her house and her father calls her brother Kai to go fetch her. 


Meanwhile Says is frantically running around to save herself from the creature.
When the creature is almost at her the Cello player saves her. Kai has already entered the school searching for Saya.

The creature called Chiropteran as the Cello player tells Saya, enters the room where Saya is hiding and the Cello player forces Saya to drink his blood by forcefully transferring it mouth to mouth.

Kai enters and sees them kissing then sees the Chiropteran. As the blood gets in her system Saya remembers the dream she was having before while listening to the Cello play and she screams. The Cello player tells her to go “fight” as Saya’s eye colour changes.

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