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Friday, February 15, 2013

Exam and Studies and Blogging and JD!

So I have my exam coming up soon and I haven't really so much as opened my books till now ._. when I finally opened the books now I'm in a panic mode on how in the world am I going to finish all of this before the exam comes up T.T...
Thanks to my awesome dad I got my photon net back so I can at least put my Jade Dynasty player on bot and go to study, but on TOP of that I got sick -.-; ... and I'm CRAVING anime! go me!
I've started learning Japanese more properly now *-* found an amazing site that has an excellent community and helpful people ^-^
I want to start working on my blog again, so many anime I had to put on hold just so I can review as I watch @.@ ...
Now I have a whole list of things to do T.T
1. Study!
2. Get in shape! Work out Work out work OUT!
3. Work on My Blog!
4. Make the Alliance Website for my Jade Dynasty Alliance.
5. Renovate My Room.
6. Make a food blog o.o of the things I everyday eat xD
7. Organize my External Hard Drive.
8. Something I'll think of :3
 --- We know you want a bolder paper person O.O;
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