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Sunday, February 3, 2008

Fruits Basket ~ The Anime ~ Episode 3 ~ Thoughts...

I was watching the 3rd episode of Fruits Basket... it's a bit different from the manga and I read the manga like 4-5 months back... I've always believed... and always been called too trusting too naive... demo... in this episode I came across this part:

"But, my mother told me to believe rather than to doubt. "A person is not born with kindness. Their innate traits are, greed, gluttony, the wish to possess. In other words, they are only the basic surviving instincts. Kindness is the same as growing up, it's like the mind that grows inside oneself. It's a conscience. That's why everyone has a different shape. A desire is born at birth, so it's easy to understand, but kindness is something everyone has to make with their own hands. So it's easily misunderstood or thought of a hypocrisy... Anyone can doubt easily, Tohru, try to believe. Be a person who believes... that will certainly... certainly... become an encouragement to someone."

I replayed this part many times... It made me think of so many things... I have always believed in people... so does that mean I was a help to someone as well ? was I able to be anyone's streangth ? did I help anyone get over anything ? ..... I wouldn't know... but I think this makes me a bit more willing to go on being who I am... I guess... even if it did turn out wrong at times and even if I was fooled by people for believing... I guess... in a way... It'd be better if I continue believing like I do... not everyone is bad... never know... someone just might be going through a bad time and has reacted on whatever... I guess... it's good to believe... I want to go on believing... if it's being naive it's still okay... atashi mou shinjite...
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