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Sunday, February 3, 2008

Fruits Basket ~ The Anime

I've started downloading the anime series after I read the manga. The manga left me tearful and sobbing and crying at many many parts so I wanted to see how the anime is and well... it's beautiful so far... I got till episode 6, Limwire has rotten speed and ... it's beautiful... once you start thinkking about... I dunno... like... how people would be feeling, placing yourself in their place and thinking how you would have reacted or what you would have said at that time... I think... people who say anime is for kids are so very very naiive.. anyone... just anyone can learn how to improve how to make things better... anyone can be so much more better... we're not born good... it's how much we are willing to work on ourself how much we are willing to understand ourselves and the ones around us that make us a better person... I'll write more in a few mins...
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