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Saturday, March 8, 2008

AMV ~ Final Fantasy ~ The Calling ~ Whever You Will Go

This video... I've had it for 5 years... the feeling I had by the time I finished watching it... I want to share that feeling... Thank You for Introducing me to Final Fantasy beyond just Spirits Within...

It took a lot of effort and time to find this particular video on YouTube since there were lots of other versions + the original as well... but I just had to find this one cause I heard this song first time here and this video does justice to the song, the original sucks! And also... I want everyone to understand the feeling I had when I watched it... to whoever made this video, YOU MADE A MASTERPIECE!

So lately, I've been wonderin
Who will be there to take my place
When I'm gone, you'll need love
To light the shadows on your face
If a great wave should fall
It would fall upon us all
And between the sand and stone
Could you make it on your own

If I could, then I would
I'll go wherever you will go
Way up high or down low
I'll go wherever you will go

And maybe, I'll find out
The way to make it back someday
To watch you, to guide you
Through the darkest of your days
If a great wave should fall
It would fall upon us all
Well I hope there's someone out there
Who can bring me back to you


Runaway with my heart
Runaway with my hope
Runaway with my love

I know now, just quite how
My life and love might still go on
In your heart and your mind
I'll stay with you for all of time


If I could turn back time
I'll go wherever you will go
If I could make you mine
I'll go wherever you will go
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