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Saturday, March 8, 2008

Boys' n Girl

Alright -.-'' another one finished... this was an exceptionally weird one but I gotta say I enjoyed it IMMENSELY!

At first it seems like the the basic story of Rough Guy/Sweet Girl type, but there's more to it than just that . Aria, a whiny-good-get scared easy-type of girl who goes into a dormitory full of delinquents because her father was the supervisor there and for some reason told her in his letter it was an all girls' dorm *accident?* so finally when she arrives there she gets the shock of her life the see all the guys who're the school delinquents, gathered there. The leader of the guys is Tennoji, a rowdy tough and bad guy type but a super caring one inside, who used to tease Aria all the time and bully her. The story revolves around how they develop feelings for each other and build their relationship with each other as well as the other 221 guys living in the dorm. The series has a happy/sad ending sort of and is really touching, especially when Tennoji cries...
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