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Saturday, March 8, 2008

Pita Ten ~ Manga ~

Pita Ten, I found the first 6 Chapters like 3 years ago and fell in love with it cause it was so very cute, I found it again, this time complete and downloaded it as soon as I could. I just finished reading it and I gotta admit it really had me surprised cause the ending was so different from what I thought, I was thinking it will be a typical Romantic Comedy manga but it turned out to be way more deeper than I had anticipated.
The relationship between Shia and Tarou was so touching and so deep and sad that it made me cry when in the end she remembered everything and went back to the place only the same moment when it was too late... then in the end I thought they'll turn Misha into human or maybe have a catch somewhere to Misha and Koutarou will be together but it just ended so sadly...

The best thing about this manga was that even though it was such a romantic story and sad in many places, it leaves a light feeling and makes one think, not to mention it's got no perverted stuff, just simple sweet love and pure deep sadness... Highly Recommended.
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