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Monday, March 3, 2008

Chrno Crusade ~ Anime Episode 18

Episode 18... Azmaria took everyone to the carnival, Aion led his group there as well... including Jushua. Collection lots of memories for the last time, since after that the real horror starts... Chrno confessed his feelings to Rosette... stating if she dies he'll also cease to exist... they kissed... and then Aion's eagle appeared leading Rosette to Joshua... I have always thought... why people confess in the very last moments... is it the feeling of might never be again, that leads to it? the first time ever I had this thought was when 7 years ago I thought a lot about this when I saw Natsumi rush after Tokairin to the airport and confess just as he was about to take off *You're Under Arrest*... I think... when everything is about to fall apart and then you tell a person your true feelings... it's just... so unfair T_T... there's so much, so much that's still left... I always... for 7 years... I always tell people exactly how I feel... I don't want to regret later not having told... no... I don't want to hold feelings inside just waiting for the right moment the right chance... any chance you have is the right one... any moment is perfect... and it's never ever too soon... in the short life that we have, we do NOT have enough time to let things be still inside and never let them out just patiently waiting... never... I'm not gonna live with regrets in my heart, so when I die, I'll know everyone I care for knows just how much I care for them and how much they mean to me... never... never... Tamahome... Anata... Chas, Kami Kun, Blaze, Hino, Nii San, Nick * I so miss our talk sessions how you always appeared right where I was when I needed you most...*, Sensei, Rachel, Ozzy, Imu, Lee, Nihi, Selece, Yui-chan, Mike, Rahul, Luci, Ariel, Jordan, Dori, Chaos, Suki, Clair, Vince, Shocko, Midori, Mandy, Cindy, Julian, Hoth, Nighters, Kiru-chan, Lee & Jose, Matt... so many people... from Maple... from Orkut... from different places... some stayed just online friends but great friends nonetheless, some came into my reality to support me in my darkest hours... and everyone of them... all of them, always always helped me and supported me... I'm sorry, I cannot remember all names or mention them, but know... I'm always thinking bout you guys... I'm always missing you all... so much... so much...
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