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Monday, March 3, 2008

Chrno Crusade ~ Anime ~ Episode 17

Episode 17: the battle begun, the frightening demon Calv died protecting Rosette & Chrno... Rosette is getting more signs, and it's just a bit to go before it all ends... I feel bad for Fi, the girl who stays with Joshua, it's evident that she loves him so much...but she's a puppet of Aion who's just put there for Joshua by Aion, she's really not allowed to have feelings for him... sad... how people fall in love with the very people they're supposed to stay far far away from... castes... religion... family... culture... language... so many things different... but in the end aren't we all the same people... hidoi sonna... daremo ningen dakara... we're all...human... just human... why we can't love the people we love... isn't love beyond all this crap dividing people... so cruel... separating people in groups just like that... not even considering the feelings people might have for each other... it's just love... we're just humans....
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