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Monday, March 3, 2008

Chrno Crusade ~ Anime Episode 16

Episode 16: Aion finally revealed the truth of Satella's family's death... it was sad to see the graceful and composed Satella crying like a child... I felt like crying... this definitely is a very very sad anime... people dying like that, hoping, believing,...and still dying... poor Satella... for 10 years she kept searching, trying to find a link to her lost past, and when finally she finds it, she finds out she can't do a thing about it... just how sad is that... and.. she even lost her powers... I'm going to make a lot of Graphics on Satella, not because I love her character design, but because I love her spirit... the beautiful sad Satella... even such strong people need someone beside them to be their strength... everyone needs someone... there's no such thing as 'I'm better off alone'... no one is better off alone... no one can live alone... not happily...
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