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Saturday, March 1, 2008

Chrno Crusade ~ Anime ~ Episode 2

2nd episode: the ending song really touches ones heart... how much can you do for the person you love? people say things like 'to the end of time' and 'for eternity' ... I think, even though that is a wonderful thing to happen, I think, in this life, in this world, the while you are mortal and alive, when you can feel loneliness, when there can still be tears... I think if beyond the tears of you can smile for that one person, if you can still mange to be by their side even if you're not able to protect them from everything... I think, being able to be with them is enough... the faith that there will always be this person right by my side through good and bad and every sad time... that really means something... someone that precious to you... taisetsuna hito... the ending note of the first ending theme... really leaves a sad note... who is most important to you?
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