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Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Ouran High School Host Club ~ Anime ~ Episode 1

Ah a Lot of images ^^; I got carried away ^^; but heck I loved it's artwork, it's so my type ! I'm gonna mke graphic of these for sure ! and these are all my own screen caps re sized ! no stealing !

Episode 1: Sigh... it was lovely! I absolutely fell in love with the anime at first sight
^^ it's totally different from what I had thought, Haruhi in the end turning out a girl was

so cute and funny, and the way they showed a bulb lighting every time one of the Host Club
members found out Haruhi was a girl was sooo funny ^^; and the way she expressed that she
didn't care if she was taken as a guy and then Tamaki's response... LOL !! Priceless! And
the part where Haruhi was making 'commoner' coffee... and Honey is CUTE !!!!!!!!!!!!! LOL !

I really needed something to cheer me up this way, this anime seems just the right type for

the heart and soul ^^ there's this deep feeling beyond the humorous surface... hard to
explain, I find it quite captivating. I'll be taking screen shots and putting them up here
as well along with the episodes ^_^ and oh I love the twins !
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