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Tuesday, March 11, 2008

StumbleUpon & EntreCard Added~ BlogCatalog Group Made!

Ah! Finally after lazing about for ages I finally added the two things I really should have added ages ago, dunno how StumbleUpon thingy works but EntreCard's there and working ^_^ dunno why really stupid but it's not showing me logged in and I can't drop any cards -_-; now how idiotic is that -_-; I also made a group on Blog Catalog for this blog called Atashi No Koe...The Sound Of Your Heart let's see how it goes o.o... what's withthe name you ask ? it's cause, I really want this place to be the sound of mot just my heart but everyone's who's been in a situation like me or understand the things I do or feels that way... so it's the sound of everyone's heart ^^... though I think 'Your Heart's Inner Voice' or 'Voice Of The Heart' something would have been more suitable... maybe... oh wells, I go with instincts and I think it sounds good this way ^_^ ne?
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