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Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Replay ~ Manga

11:30 PM :Replay... I started this manga cause I saw a cute looking girl on the cover and thought it'll be a cute romantic manga... sadly I was mistaken... It's basically a Korean manga, and the story is really different and sad... I FEEL SO DAMN BAD FOR THAT TEACHER !!! T__T it's so not fir, he loved her, why did his evil brother started liking her and then stealing her as well T_T I've only read till chapter 11 till now so I don't know what it's gonna end like... but unrequited love... it always... always makes me sad... Hotohori... Nakatsu... and so many other people... T__T waaaaaaaaaaa I really feel like crying T__T I wanna be alone right now and ponder over what I have read so far but people talking over my head so I can't focus on the feelings T__T waaaaa I wish I could take the laptop in the bathroom -_-'' it'll be quieter there -.-''' that's why i prefer doing work late at night waaaaaaaa I'm gonna cry so bad if Karam doesn't end up with Lee T__T ... I DON"T CARE IF HE"S EVIL !!! HE HAS TO BE WITH HER DAMMIT T__T
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