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Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Replay ~ Manga

12:10 Am... I finished it... sigh -.- I really got some sixth sense or something... what she said to Karam said to Naru... Sympathy can turn into love... wasn't I thinking just the very very same thing just a few minuts back before I wrote the first part after reading chapter 11 partly... really... if you feel so strongly for someone... I guess it can turn to love as well... if it's someone who loves me... even if I can't love him back that way... my heart would still ache for that person... and who knows... it could just be different... it could just end up in love... this is sad... because... I know so many people who love someone they cannot have or who loves someone else... I can understand that feeling... if it's someone who loves you, and if you cannot love that person back... at least you can try not hurting them more... dammit... who says you cannot love someone, if you feel strongly about it then why the hell not ! You just have to love them enough T__T IT'S SO DAMN CRUEL!!!!!!!!!!

I'm gonna make some graphics on it right now ... It effected me in a really big way T__T
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