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Saturday, April 26, 2008

Saikano~The Last Love Song on This Little Planet ~ Shin Takahashi~ Manga ~ Thoughts & Reflections ~

I started this manga thinking it's just a silly war robot thing... how wrong I was... the first Vol finished just now... and I feel so sad... Chise who wanted to live like a normal girl and be with the guy she liked had to turn into a weapon... after sharing their dreams, after caring so much for each other... they still couldn't be together... the small and weak Chise who was growing up as a weapon and suffering from inside, he couldn't help her or save her from her destiny... Even though they wanted to escape it... I feel so sad for her... for Shuji too but more for her, having liked that guy for so long, having the courage to ask him out, spending time with each other, the sad moments, the happy moments and the awkward ones... sharing everything and then not being able to escape destiny... must hurt so much... I wonder how the next Vol will be like, I've decided from now on the write about Mnagas Vol by Vol as I do for anime episode by episode, it's not so detailed if I write after finishing a manga cause afterwards it just the final feeling that's overwhelming, the bits that I've felt before gets drowned in the last chapter so from now on it'll be Vol to Vol even if it's just 2 Vols...
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