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Thursday, May 22, 2008

1/3 no Kareshi ~ Manga ~ Ako Shimaki ~ Thoughts & Reflections

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that was truly beautiful ^__^ I have lately gone into the habit of reading manga online *raises a fist in Naki-chan's direction* and it's very addictive!

This manga is a one shot, yeah just one chapter ^_^ I like short stories the best they're so cute and a good fast read for those in between moments when you're short on time and really feel like some decent read ^^ *is getting off track and knows it and is still being off track ._.*

So ANYWAYS, this manga starts with a girl in her final year of high school who doesn't have a boyfriend because what she wanted was a true lasting love. A guy she happens to come across who she thought was cool looking takes an embarassing picture of hers and blackmails her to come to him and spend time with him threatening her that he'll do 'something' with the pic if she doesn't come. She starts liking him after sometime and just when she finally thinks she's found the love she waited for things get messy as she goes into the junior division of the school and sees him talking to the boys there and stating "I don't like older woman". She puts two and two together 'he's from the junior division + he says he doesn't like older woman = he's just toying with her when she actually starts liking him' and stops going to meet him during lunch break like she usually did. He calls her up and demands her to come or else, and she runs off with a good mind of lecturing him and runs into the junior class asking for him and then she sees...

A beautiful and sweet read for anyone who loves this sort of thing *personally thinks everyone should read sweet stuff like this*


The thing about him being in love with her for five years... it really touched me... *readers are thinking "wth is she getting worked up over a story that's not real" and I actually though wouldn't it be so wonderful if real true love like that seriously exsisted? it must've been so painful for him all those five years thinking of that one girl only... it's really really painful... these days people actually give up on love after waiting for at most a year or two... five years is a very very long time to be able to still love someone just as much even after five years... it's such a painful and sad thing... totemo totemo surai koto... deshou ne Tamahome...
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