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Sunday, May 25, 2008

PayPal Donate Button Added ~( & The Story Behind It ~)



Yeah this is the donate able version ^^

I added a Paypal donate button finally -.-... took me ages should've done so sooner but oh wells, my target is 400-500$ ~ "Why?" Because I need to buy myself a decent laptop so I can work properly and professionally, the one I'm using right now (ACER TravelMate 2410) is a Celeron processor one and does not allow too many applications to be opened at once... and I need to open a lot of things at once cause for me,

when I'm graphic Desiging, I need to keep open:

Adobe Photshop,
Paintshop Pro,
Image Ready,
and lots of folders,
Two three Webpages for images and colour options and etc,
Firefox for uploading and testing Images
Total Video Converter for those annoying RMVB files >.<
VLC Player for screen caps incase I need any,
Media Player Classic cause I can't work without music @_@.

When I'm Webdesiging:

Adobe Photoshop,
Macromedia Dreamweaver,
MS Frontpage,
Lots of Folders,
Some WebPages
MS Word,
My Network Places (namely my FTP server)
Media Player Classic cause I still can't work without music (._.')

there, and add a few more things occasionally and it's all so laggy and irritating when I'm working @_@... I use External Hard drives so I can use up a lot of space since my Laptop's drive is always too full... and anyhow, this laptop isn't mine, I can't install everything I want to in this, if I get one of my own I can work better, make more graphics, speed up my website and blogs and not to mention make much more lovelier stuff than I'm making now ^_^ I feel happy creating things... it takes away the loneliness some bit... oh wells... let's see how well the donations go >.> not like I' expecting any at all but oh well.. maybe there might be some people who'd like to help me out >__<...

But most of all... I don't want to be restricted using someone else's thing... if it's my own I can use it when I want and how I want... no one... would dare to blackmail me threatening me that they'd not allow me to touch the laptop...
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