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Thursday, June 5, 2008

Fever... ~Site News~

Sorry people, I haven't been able to post for a while now, nor to reply to any comments and not been able to set up the AnK Blog Club Members' Logos either... Sorry... I have been in high fever constantly in bed for the past almost two weeks and just recovered.

Sadly I noticed some of the people who were subscribing to me, unsubscribed, what did you guys think? that I won't return? have some faith kudasai... this place is special to me, I'm not gonna abandon it you know... oh wells..

I got no donations while I was away, not that I really expected any *shrugs* oh wells.

Thanks to whoever voted for my blog on the blogcatalog rating ^__^ I'm highly grateful ^__^ Thank you, you have my deepest thanks.

I'm thinking of starting a full time job now... it'll be hard to fit it in my scheduale, but I do need the money. So wish me luck ^__^

I got another project from Hoto this week so I'm really happy right now ^__^

I've started playing Maple Story again so am gonna update my Maple Blog More now, oh and for gamers and such people, try clicking on the banner above, it leads to a really cool site that's highly useful for gamers like me ^__^

Ah what else... hmmm... I'm gonna start a new blog maybe... let's see how it goes...

A new layout for this blog? or is this one fine? do I edit this one some bit? or maybe just change the banner a bit... any ideas?

Till the next update *hugs* and Take Care ^__^

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