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Thursday, June 5, 2008

MuchaKucha Daisuki ~ Manga ~ Shimaki Ako ~ Thoughts & Reflections

Sigh... finished it... I should've written like I always do, volume after volume or chapter after chapter... but it was just too... engaging... I couldn't stop till the last page... Here and now, I declare Shimaki Ako to be my most favourite mangaka after Watase Yuu... I read many of her one shots... liked them... loved them... then I heard about her most popular story, 'Mucha Kucha Daisuki/Love You Like Crazy' and finally found it and just now finished reading it. 5:10 PM IST, May 28th 2008, I was reading since the last two hours... all I wish right now is that poor Aoi would've gotten a little more time... like I've said before... death is.. so very very cruel... I just can't stop crying... there wasn't a single ecchi scene in this story... there wasn't anything ecchi in their relationship... I want all the people who think doing ecchi things is the essence of a relationship to read this... this is how it should be... this is how true love is like... things like that don't matter when you love someone this much... that's, what I've always believed in all my life and still do... at first I thought this was going to be like Kare First Love, but it turned out so beautiful... this is how I feel love is... Shimaki Ako's most beautiful work I think is this one... everyone, please read it, I'll try to upload it here on my blog so everyone can download it from here, for people like me who don't live where there's manga available to buy and cannot by online either, for people who believe in a love pure like this, for people who can continue to love with all their hearts that one same person, time after time... I'll upload it here for people like me... for people who can love this much no matter how much time has gone by...
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