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Thursday, June 26, 2008

Saikano~The Last Love Song On This Little Planet~ Shin Takahash ~ Manga ~ Vol 3

Vol 3: Shuji spent the night with Fuyuumi when she came to him wounded... while Chise waited for him at the observation deck... Chise found out about him being with Fuyuumi and was in so much pain, Shuji finally came, and told the story of himself, Fuyuumi and Tetsu, that just hurt her more, the fact that she cannot have a normal life a normal boyfriend just tore at her even more than before and so she decided to go back to being friends, both were exhausted, both wanted to not hurt each other anymore, both wanted to end the pain... and both are still in love and hurting... I wonder how it's gonna end... she took the day off for Shuji's sake and her comrades died in battle waiting for her to come help in vain...
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