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Saturday, June 28, 2008

I Got Scammed T~T ~ Maple Story Tragedy

Well, this morning when I was playing Maple Story *MMORPG* and I wanted to buy NX a user who was in Ludi Maze PQ said that he'll sell me 25$ worth NX if I pay him 47 Million mesos. SO then we started in parts, he gave me part of the code I gave him part of the money... sigh... and in the end he left 1 letter out and escaped with all my money... now I'm broke as hell, I don't even have enough $$ left in my PayPal to buy mesos or anything, I'm not getting any new projects from anyone... PayPerPost isn't helping me anyways, I've like no way to do anything anymore... and I wanted to gift some stuff to one or two of my closest friends, and give some AP Resets to my sister ... not like I wanted everything for myself... I don't know why, when I never cheated anyone in my life, why is it that I get cheated... now I cannot buy anything, I'm short of money, I'm short of mesos, I'm short of NX and I'm almost out of stuff to sell even T____T no one donates to my blog at all... not even a single $ T___T I'm so very very unloved T____T even the friends to whom $5-$10 is nothing even they don't donate to my site T~T... I'm so very very unloved T_____T I cried an hour after I lost 47 million... it was like my LIFE SAVING !!! I cannot get all that back again T_______T... waaaaaaaaaa I need some job or some project that'd earn me some money or someone should have some pity on me and donate to my blog T____T uwuuu... why do things like this happen only to me T____________T and I'm like 3$ short in PayPal or I could buy some meso till I can earn my own T_______T so not fair...
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