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Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Back... and Sup?

Sigh... that was a long break, My blog rank got from 3 to 0 and my readers almost all gone *not like I had many to begin with >.>* My Moonlight Shadow Creations blog is totally destroyed in trying to get a domain name, my blogcatalog ranking is down from 60 to 44 sigh... in short the whole blog is totally ruined =.= I got no donations at all, nothing at all, and to top it all up, I'm not even getting any projects anymore =.= talk about turning of events.

On the other hand I'm back on Maple Story now, my beloved MMORPG that I so missed, I finally hit lvl 70 on the 27th of July 2008 and had a job advancement and now... from Cleric for so long, I'm now a Priestess... now, truly... Tamahome No Miko... Tamahome's Prietess, my aim in Maple is completed now...

Now I'm going to change this blog completely and take out and add in a lot of things.

O tanoshimi ni.
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