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Saturday, September 13, 2008

Sokugyo Angel/Occupation Angel ~ Manga ~ Fujikawa Touko

the first line on the main cover is " Attention: Open this book when you want to cry a little bit" a collection of short but touching stories, unlike the usual romances, these stories are a bit different in the way they are. unusual and touching, need I say more?

For the more curious types here's the review from ViManga

"A collection of four touching supernatural short stories. Chapter one deals with a man born a Midori, a race of humans who turn into trees when they die. Can the man overcome the obstacles facing his race and live a normal life? Chapter two tells the tale of a young boy who lives in a land of magic. But his first spellbook turns into a pixie when he opens it! Chapter three is about a young boy forced to abandon his cat when he moves. Upon returning years later, the boy finds himself transported to a strange land full of... cats? The final story is about a boy who, in exchange for getting off having to pay a speeding fine, agrees to take an experimental drug. The next morning he wakes up with white wings, wings that only seem to get larger every time he does something wrong!"

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