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Thursday, June 25, 2009

Bokura Ga Ita ~ Episode 4 ~ Review

Episode 4:

I don't have much to say for this episode... it was sad and deep... Yano started being distant from Nana and she was disturbed but afraid to even ask why.

Yano at the Play looking handsome in traditional dress.

The play finished with rather different lines but everyone loved it anyway since Yano was there, Nana is the girl at far left side.she was so disturbed about Yano that she messed up her three lines that she had.

On the way back from the play Nana's ring broke and Yano picked up the glass and fixed it for here when the dance was about to start.

In answer to what he said, Nana said something very deep and touching... made me think "yeah, that's what love really is all about..."

And then the big confession...

This episode is worth watching more than just reading about.... so so beautiful...

The ending theme was Suki Dakara by Izumi Katou, it finally made me cry... Suki dakara... hontou ne...

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