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Friday, June 26, 2009

Bokura Ga Ita ~ Episode 5 ~ Review

Episode 5 :

Nana finds herself unable to sleep thinking of what happened last and when she comes back to school Yano is giving her a cold shoulder asusual and she's too embarrassed to ask him anything.

also to her despair the rumor about them has spread in the school. Yano comes to her in class and asks her to a movie with him in a way that keeps her confused till she realizes that she's just been asked out on a date xP and he gives a really mischevious smile ^^

They ride the bus together and Yano tells her to sit down in the free seat, but she decides to stand with him and he smiles.

She asks him what he wants for his Christmas gift and he promptly says "Nana-chan!" and she laughs like he made a joke and tells him to be serious (poor Yano xD).

During the movie Yano keeps half the Chair arm empty for Nana in hope of holding hands but she's too naiive and engrossed in the movie to notice till the movie is almost over (awwww)
when she does notice that he's kept half the space for her she laughs and places her hand there ^-^
Yano smiles too and they end up watching the movie holding hands (KAWAII!)

Nana thinks " It's just as I thought, mutual love is a wonderful feeling" (so cute >.<)

They go to a park and are having a silly argument over food when Takeuchi come there with another friend. Yano leaves for bathroom and Takeuchi tells Nana that's he's happy for her just as Yano comes back and snatches Nana and walks off with her. Takeuchi says he feels Deja Vu....

When they're in the park alone Yano calls Nana and says he's decided what he wants for Christmas, a promise that she'll never leave his side or ever betray him...
Nana remebers how his dead girlfriend *gf* Nana(the other was simply Nana while Nana here is Nanami) was with her ex boyfriend when she died and Yano still isn't over that... Nana realizes why a lot of times Yano said the things he said like pieces of puzzles falling in place together slowly...
This Episode was really heartwarming, and sad... the pain Yano is in because of his dead gf and how much Nana tries to soothe it is really touching...
The Ehnding theme was Koko Ni Ite by Kaori Asou again, this song is usually sown is really sad parts I've noticed... I'll post a youtube version of the track here for people who can't bother to go find it themselves.

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