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Monday, June 29, 2009

Good Money Earning Site (Mail From My SentBox)

I registered at this site and now I need to reffer people but it doesn't allow inviting via site so have to do the mailing bit ._. I goofed when I registered and put double a in Tamahome T___T I can't belive I did that T___T anyhow... here's the link... it'd help me in a great way if you can register and views some stupid ads for me, won't take long, if you give me even 10 mins of your day each day or every other day I'd be really thankful...

that's the link... when you register they'll ask who reffered you, put in "TaamahomeNoMiko" yes... Taamahome... *is extremely depressed* cheer me up a bit by helping me out T__T...

Thanks again... I'll be happy if you can forward this mail to your friends and etc, and yes it'll do you good to register here, the site is good earning *still depressed T.T*

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